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Girls Love DJ's

GirlsLoveDJs… They really do not need much introduction. Their own parties, massive records, smashing confetti nights and always booming music, which they are only too happy to play with loud noise. We talked to the men about DJ groupies, annoyances and hearing protection.

By: Daisy Heyer

You have been performing for a long time in the AIR with your own fixed nights. How do you like these nights?
“They are awesome! We have been performing with Girls Love DJs #INVITES for quite some time in the Air, but it keeps on renewing itself. Along with our friends we select artists that we really think are great. In addition, we always have a fun, emerging initiative in the second room. This way the party remains a surprise every month. If you travel a lot through the country or are on tour internationally then it is very nice to have an own home location one time every month, where you can find all your friends and you are completely free to do what you want. We love it!”

To what extent are you involved in your own party?
“We are super involved with everything that has our name on it. From merchandise to stages, programming and mixtapes: everything is discussed, checked and considered. We select the DJs ourselves and we combine with the tastes of the people around us and what kind of special things are possible that week. The decoration, the video mapping, the visuals, the artwork… our personal attention is involved on everything. Of course we have assistance from a very good team, but we stand for everything we do.”

Can we expect an expansion on your concept?
“You will never know what to expect from us. Maybe we will do a pool party, just because we feel like it. Or you will suddenly see a new festival decoration appear. We will mainly just do what we like, what the moment has to offer to us and what we have time for. One thing is for sure: you will hear, see and experience amazing things from us the entire year.”

GirlsLoveDJs, what is the most bizarre moment that you have experienced that made you realise that you are very loved as DJs?
“O jeez, have you got a moment? It never ceases to amaze us. There are still many creative photos with our stickers coming in, girls have fainted, sometimes they ring on the door, there are T-shirts and crazy Tweets. It is actually all very crazy and fun, but mainly just crazy. We met a girl that knew everything, our first names and birthdays, but also the names of our family members and the people close to us. It was like she knew us very well, but we had NEVER seen her before. That is still bizarre!”

You blast pretty loud when it comes to your sound. What do you do when it comes to hearing protection?
“Correct! With a lifestyle like this you are in the middle of the noise for four to five times a week before you know it, so it is important that you protect your ears. During performances we often want to feel everything. That is why we ensure that all the sound around us is not set too loud. Before and after the shows we use ear plugs. We want to be able to enjoy our music forever and still be able to hear our grandchildren laugh later, so to speak.”

What do you think needs to change when we look at sound in the clubs and/or on festivals?
“We believe the visitor needs to be responsible for their own protection as well. The sound should always be nice and loud and properly adjusted, but never damaging. You can then protect yourself, by using custom ear plugs for the price of a night of partying. Seems like a good deal to us.”

Do you have any negative experiences when it comes to sound/hearing?
“Yes, everyone has got those and in every possible kind of way. Too loud, too soft, too sharp, too dull, you name it. Producing good sound is a form of art, you know! And so is dealing with sound engineers, by the way.”

How is the situation with your own hearing? Do you know if everything is still as it should be?
“We have minor hearing damage because we started partying and spinning records at a young age, but fortunately we intervened ahead of time. We have definitely been watching it carefully since.”

You are together a lot. Which part of the other person has simply become intolerable by now?
“HAH! We take on each other’s habitual sayings and jokes until it really isn’t funny anymore and then we switch to new ones again. Beyond that there isn’t much that really annoys us. We can close ourselves off quite well, although we are also very good in creating some classic fun. It is an ideal friendship really.”

What kind of music do you listen to in your free time and are you also careful with the volume of your music then?
“We really listen to everything. R&B skids, trap, deephouse, singer/songwriters, you name it. Some tracks really NEED to be blasted and others are listened to subtly. Depends on the mood, right? Everything is possible anyway and if it really is a booming record, then the neighbours are allowed to know that.”

Which track is currently completely amazing in your opinion?
“That new one from Diplo & Skrillex with Kiesza is great: ‘Jack U – Take U There’.”

What can we expect from you in the near future?
“Releases, great shows, our own parties and stages and especially a lot of fun when you see us!”

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