Permanent damage to your hearing is definitely no fun

Permanent damage to your hearing is definitely no fun

Carita La Nina is the absolute top female DJ of this moment. Her Love & Destruction podcasts are listened to globally and with her nice house beats she manages to conquer a lot of party hearts. In addition, this lady also knows how to treat her hearing well!

By: Daisy Heyer

How has your career been going recently?
“If we look at roughly the past year I have had the good fortune to do remixes for Beyoncé and Britney Spears, had a release on the label of Hardwell (Revealed) and I am noticing that there is more and more interest in me coming from abroad. So it is going very well! I have had a productive, enlightening and successful time.”

You scored a stunner of a hit with Dash Berlin, ‘Dragonfly’. How did that collaboration come into being?
“Jeff (Dash Berlin) and I have known each other for years. We once started playing together for Q-Dance events. We hadn’t seen or spoken for quite some time, but our paths crossed again through our teams. Dash heard the demo version of ‘Dragonfly’ and saw potential in it. We decided to elaborate on the track together and it turned into a stunner of a track in which our styles flow together. The track reached Hardwell and was eventually signed to Revealed. From there the track left its marks globally and that is amazing to see. I am very proud of the collaboration and the track itself!”

Speaking of stunning tunes, your music blasts quite loudly. Do you wear hearing protection when you play?
“That’s right, haha, I definitely enjoy turning it up; whether we are talking about genre or volume! I think it is very important to have good monitor speakers in the DJ booth, to make sure I can enjoy just as much as the audience. In that case it is definitely wise to wear hearing protection, especially at festivals and in for example the Ziggo Dome or a Heineken Music Hall, where the sound is meant to reach a large audience. I do not always wear hearing protection, it depends on where I am. I do think it is a very important and essential element of the nightlife and I would definitely recommend everyone to carry a custom-made set with them, just in case. The impact of sound which has been tuned wrongly or is too loud on your hearing is something which visitors can underestimate. And it is definitely no fun if that turns into (permanent) hearing damage…”

How do you think clubs should handle sound and protection?
“As a club, you should always make hearing protection available for the visitor, whether this is sold or free. The possibility to insert or purchase protection should, in the year 2015, just be part of it in my opinion. Fortunately, this is done fine in most clubs and even in festivals here in the Netherlands!”

How is your own hearing doing, by the way?
“My hearing is fortunately still doing fine! I was an early adopter of hearing protection and in addition, I always try and take the sound into account while I am playing, to make sure it is not too loud for the visitor and for myself. As soon as I walk into a club it is often the first thing I watch out for. During playing I often look into the place to check whether people are not clenching their ears with painful looks in their eyes.”

You have your own podcast: ‘Love & Destruction’. Of which released podcast are you most proud?
“Part 1, no doubt! The start of a series of which I am very proud. Part 1 was especially exciting because finally, after many guest mixes, I was able to launch an own podcast and therefore could discover on my own merits what people thought of my sound. Love & Destruction is now reaching more and more people and countries and I am very happy with that.”

What do you still want to accomplish in the future?
“My goal is to extend all the successes I have had so far and further elaborate on them. I have quite some tracks waiting, of which I just need to take care of the finishing touches and furthermore I hope to collaborate with a number of artists and make refreshing tracks. My main goal is of course to reach more fans and countries with my ‘Love & Destruction’ sound and productions. And of course, I am totally ready for that!”


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